Weekly social gatherings

Every Tuesday at 7pm, we meet at Stage One – 101 Plush Mill Rd, Wallingford, PA.

Sometimes we’re outside in the back, if the weather’s nice, or else we can tend to be found in Room 110, straight through (again, at the back of the building).

Though our specific activities can sometimes change, our current schedule is as follows:

Every week, we meet, generally hang out, sometimes do some low-key projects (heraldry research, sewing, embroidery, weaving, leatherworking, jewlery making, etc.).

Plus, we often have other activities, depending on the week:

1st Tuesday: Large, regional fight practice (armored combat)
2nd Tuesday: Barony of Bhakail business meeting plus armored combat
3rd Tuesday: Canton of Black Icorndall business meeting plus armored combat and fencing (rapier combat)
4th Tuesday: Armored combat and rapier combat

We tend to run from 7pm until 9:30pm for general activities, and until 10 or 11pm for armored combat.

For general questions, please contact the Seneschal.

For questions regarding our armored combat activities, please contact the Knight Marshal and/or join the Philadelphia SCA Fighter Practice group on Facebook.