Minutes from the October business meeting

Meeting opened 7:30-ish

Waaaauuuugh Bhakail!

Officer Reports:

Seneschal – The Honorable Lord Muin maqq Menain

  • Quarterly report filed.
  • We have a new Emergency Deputy Seneschal, Master Rowen Cloteworthy.

Exchequer – Baroness Ysmay de Lynn

  • We have money.
  • Will warrant with Regional and Kingdom Exchequer.
  • Will get on the signature card for the bank account

Webminister – Baron Mael Eoin mac Echiud

  • We have a website
  • Updated Officer Roster
  • Acquired a calendar plugin to show our calendar activities on the side of the webpage

Minister of Arts and Sciences – Lady Elenora Tylemaker

  • No report received.
  • Monday A&S still active at DeLuca Drapery shop courtesy of Martyn
  • Garb workshops at Elenora’s on Thursdays after work until 10:30pm

Chronicler – Baron Mael Eoin mac Echuid

  • Need articles for a newsletter to hand out for newcomers

Old Business:


New Business:

  • Non-Resident Officers:
    • We want to change our bylaws to allow non-residents to serve as officers and event stewards.  Preferences discussed at this meeting:
      • candidates should be East Kingdom residents.
      • candidates should reside in a group whose borders touch the canton.
    • With regard to Non-resident voting, preferences stated at the meeting include maybe only residents and officers and event stewards and head cooks and their deputies who have served within the last 2 years
    • A bylaws amendment will be proposed at the next canton meeting.
  • Tithing at Yule
    • Largess needed for the Canton’s non-required but fun schtick of annual tithing to the Baron and Baroness at Yule. Ideas and request include:
      • Baronial Regalia
      • favors
      • other largesse
Meeting closed at 8:00-ish.