Minutes from the December business meeting

Officer Reports:

* Seneschal – We still have a canton despite attempted incursions by the Welsh.

* Exchequer – Ysmay is warranted.  Plans to evaluate whether we are breaking even while renting the big room to support fighter practice.

* Minister of Arts and Sciences – Thursday night garb workshops continue at Eleanora’s house.  Monday night A&S continues at Martyn’s shop.  There will be a sandcasting (metalsmithing) class in January, either bronze or pewter, taught by Muin.  Schedule fo 2016 classes forthcoming.

* Chronicler – Need content for newsletter to be distributed at coffee houses and libraries as a revruiting tool.

* Web Minister – Website is okay. Current practice of forwarding officer email will be replaced with email boxes, possibly starting in January.  Policy remains to be clarified.

Old Business:

* Non-Resident Officers – We want them.  Text of amendments to Canton bylaws to be brought to January meeting; debate in February; formal polling in March.