1/12 – Canton Business Meeting Minutes


The Canton still exists and the cold, creepy long fingers of winter have finally caught up with us.  Since the 15th of the month, all EOY and quarterly reports are done.



According to Bhakail’s exchequer, we are ~$1900 in the black.  We are also going to be supplied a receipt book, should any donations need to be recorded.  If anyone wants receipts available for donations for tax purposes, let me know.


Discussions about the site rental versus incoming donations was started and will be followed up on since we have been renting the large room rather than the small room.



A&S is happening in the Canton.  Next Monday is sandcasting at Deluca’s Draperies.  Doors open around 7/7:30.

A&S nights on Thursdays continue at Eleanora’s house.  Open project nights as well as some focused activities, like an upcoming hat night.



We want a Facebook Group; there’s a Page, but we want the other thing.  Rowen will manually update things.  Find out who controls the Page and try to dismantle it.



Need to do the newsletter.


Old Business

Canton Bylaws rewriting to allow for non-resident officers.  Rowen and Mael Eoin attempted to address just the non-resident officer section and decided to take time and go through the Bylaws as a whole to also include the non-resident officer additions or changes.  All are welcome to participate in working on the Bylaws before any changes are proposed.

The Canton brought up attending the Cross and Crescent tavern en masse and will be bringing games.


New Business

  • Events for 2016?  Service Schola?  Court of Love? Bacon and Ale?  Hafla?
  • Hafla sounds very likely…now to find timing…
  • Stage One sale is having another hearing next week at Tuesday, 7pm.  Alfred asks that anyone who can speak to support Stage One do so. (ETA: no need. The sale is going ahead to the Township, yay!)