Canton Meeting 2017-02-21

Meeting minutes from the February business meeting:

New Business:
1. Bylaws revision presented.
2. Possible change to zip codes proposed. Violet volunteered to map our existing zip codes in order that we may examine our options.
3. Suba volunteered to take notes.
4. Eleanora is working on two Canton sheet walls for the Bhakail Pennsic Encampment.
5. Investiture Committee – Eleanora has volunteered to head a committee to make stepping-down gifts for the outgoing Baron and Baroness.

Old Business:
1. New officer onboarding – Suba promised to send the officer onboarding list to Violet and Ysmay.
2. Rowen reminded us that we have a $50 deposit at Stage One to hold an event, since we cancelled the one we put the deposit down for.

1. Service Schola idea is still popular, proposed end of September. Muin volunteered to take point.

Investiture Committee: Eleanora – newly formed.
Yule Tax Committee: Muin agreed to head this year’s tax committee.

Seneschal: Bylaws and Zip code changes are underway.

Exchequer: Still onboarding. Wrote to Kingdom.

MoAS: A&S Still going Mondays and Thursdays. Working on Investiture stuff: Painting plastic sheets as stained glass. Planning to resume weekend workshops with guest teachers.

Web Minister: we now have a “Seneschal” account for posting.

* Saturday Feb 25th is Caer Adamant’s Roman Schola event.
* Saturday March 11th is Barren Sands’ Schola event.
* Saturday March 25th is Settmour Swamp’s Mudthaw and Investiture
* Saturday April 1st is Coronation of Ionnes and Honig
* Saturday May 6th is Spring Crown Tournament.