Canton Bylaws


The Populace of the Canton of Black Icorndall does hereby establish the following Bylaws to provide for their internal governance and the preservation of their traditions and territory.

I: Conflict

A)     If there is any conflict between these Bylaws and the laws of the United States, the State of Pennsylvania, local jurisdictions, the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA), or the East Kingdom, the aforementioned laws will supersede Canton Bylaws.


II: The Populace

A)     The Populace of the Canton is defined as any active participant in the activities of the SCA who resides within the boundaries of the Canton as defined by the Society Registry.

B)      The Populace shall be further delineated between paid members and non-paid members as established by the Board of Directors of the SCA, Inc.

a.       Non-paid members are entitled to attend and otherwise participate in the various activities of the Canton. Non-paid members may not participate in formal votes nor hold office.

b.      Paid members have all the privileges of non-paid members, and in addition may vote in formal votes and hold any of the Canton offices.

C)      The Populace of Black Icorndall are, at all times, subject to and expected to uphold the Rules of the Society, Laws of the Kingdom, Rules of the Lists, Official Rulings of National, Kingdom, or Regional Officers, and other such regulations as may supersede these Bylaws.


III: Voting

A)     Voting in the Canton is broken down into four categories:

a.       Formal

b.      Operational

c.       Officer

d.      Kingdom-mandated (see East Kingdom Law)

B)      Formal votes must be announced at least 10 days prior to a Canton Business Meeting.  The announcement may come via In A Nutshell and/or the Canton Google Group and/or the Canton Website.  Only paid members, residing in the Canton zip codes, aged fourteen (14) years or older may vote in formal, non-kingdom mandated Canton votes. Absentee ballots are permitted and the ballot must be made available to the Populace at the time of announcement.  Proxy ballots are not permitted.

C)      Routine, operational issues within the Canton are defined as not being controlled by Society, Kingdom, or these Bylaws. Such votes are by show-of-hands. Routine, operational votes are not required to be published beforehand.

D)     Officer votes may take place at any time, and require a response from a simple majority of the officers to be deemed valid, and a simple majority of the officers voting to be considered passing.  These votes may take place at any time, at the discretion of the Seneschal, and are subject to confirmation at the next Canton Business Meeting.  In cases where there are fewer than four officers, the vote must be approved by two officers.

IV: Meetings

A)     All meetings of the Canton of Black Icorndall shall be open to the general Populace. The term “meetings” shall designate any Canton Business Meetings, all announced practices or activities sponsored by the Canton, and all official SCA events.

B)      Canton Business Meetings

a.       Shall be held on the second Tuesday of each month.  Occasionally a month can be skipped by an operational vote at the prior month’s meeting, and the cancellation published at least ten (10) days in advance of the cancelled meeting, but meetings must occur quarterly at a minimum.

b.      All Canton Business meetings shall be presided over by the Canton Seneschal or his/her designate.

c.       A majority of the Officers must be present for Canton Business Meetings.

d.      The presiding officer shall have the right to table until the next meeting subjects or debates which, in his/her judgment, have taken on a personal, non-chivalrous, or non-productive nature.

e.      If the office is currently being held, the Knight Marshal shall serve as Sergeant at Arms, otherwise the Canton Seneschal or his/her designee shall serve this function.

f.        The order of business for Canton Business Meetings shall be:

                                                               i.      Officer Reports

                                                             ii.      Committee Reports

                                                            iii.      Old Business

                                                           iv.      New Business

                                                             v.      Announcements and Comments

C)      Events

a.       Any event which uses Canton funds shall be subject to the approval of the Seneschal and the Canton Finance Committee.

b.      The Officers Committee is responsible for the long-range planning of Canton events.

c.       Preliminary budgets are subject to review by the Canton Finance Committee.

d.      The Autocrat of an event shall be deemed an officer of the canton from the time when the bid is accepted until 30 days after the event when all reports are due.   The day of the event, the autocrat will be the Officer of the Day.

                                                               i.      The Autocrat must report to the Seneschal monthly and at each business meeting after the approval of their bid until the event occurs and all related work has been completed, which is expected within 30 days of the event.

                                                             ii.      Shall obtain a bid-form from the Exchequer and properly execute this form for review by the Canton Finance Committee.

                                                            iii.      Must submit a final report to the Seneschal and present it to the Populace at the business meeting following the event.


V: Officers

A)     Are as defined by Kingdom Law. Per East Kingdom Law, Minimum Required Offices for the Canton are as follows:

a.       Seneschal

b.      Exchequer

c.       At least one (1) of the following:

                                                               i.      Herald

                                                             ii.      Minister of Arts & Sciences

                                                            iii.      Knight Marshal

B)      Each Officer’s term is limited by the following:

a.       At the pleasure of their Kingdom Officer & the Kingdom Seneschal

b.      They deem it time to retire

                                                               i.      The Officer wishing to step down shall tender his/her resignation to the Canton Seneschal and their responsible Kingdom Officer.  The vacancy will be announced at the next regularly scheduled Canton Business Meeting.  The officer stepping down may nominate a successor.

                                                             ii.      Nominations are due at least ten (10) days before the Canton Business Meeting and should be submitted to the Seneschal and the Canton  email list.

                                                            iii.      Nominations which are contested at the Meeting following the announcement of an Officer stepping down will be reduced to a formal vote at that meeting.

c.       Three (3) years, with subsequent annual renewals and no term limits.

                                                               i.      The Officer will announce his or her  intent to extend the term at least one (1) month prior to the end of their current term. This may be announced via the Canton website and/or the Canton  email list, and/or In a Nutshell.

C)      All Officers are encouraged to have Deputies. Officers can determine what to delegate to their Deputies, if anything. They also have the right to appoint or remove a Deputy at any time.  Only the drop-dead deputy is required to be a paid member resident in the canton. 

D)     All Officers must report on the activities of their Office either in person at the Canton Business Meeting or via email to the Seneschal and – if applicable – the Chronicler each month.

a.       If three consecutive reports are not received, the office shall be considered vacant after confirmation of the vacancy by an Officer Vote.  The appropriate kingdom officer will be notified of the vacancy by the Seneschal, unless the office in question is the Seneschal’s office, in which case the Exchequer shall make the notification.

E)      In the event an immediate replacement for a vacant office is not available, the Officer Committee has the authority to appoint an acting replacement.  An office may remain vacant unless it is one of the Minimum Required Offices.


VI: Committees

A)     Officer Committee

a.       Is comprised of the Officers of the Canton

b.      Meets at its own discretion.

c.       In emergency situations, an Officer Committee Meeting may be called in lieu of a general membership meeting by the Seneschal where he/she deems circumstances warrant.

d.      Is responsible for the long-range planning of meetings and events within the Canton.

e.      Major decisions of the Officer Committee are subject to approval by the populace at the next scheduled Canton Business Meeting.

B)      Finance Committee

a.       Is comprised of the following:

                                                               i.      The Canton Seneschal

                                                             ii.      The Canton Chancellor of the Exchequer

                                                            iii.      A Paid Member of the Populace of the Canton.

1.       This person shall be selected by the same method and follow the same rules as a Canton Officer.

2.       May not be in the same residence as either the Canton Seneschal or the Canton Exchequer.

b.      Must review all event proposals before a bid can be accepted by the Seneschal.

c.       Is required to approve all expenditures of Canton Funds for non-event related expenses.

d.      Approval is designated as being 2/3 majority of the Finance Committee.

C)      The Canton may at any time, by passage of a motion at a Canton Business Meeting, establish any and all Committees it deems necessary for the furtherance of its activities.


VII: Amendments

A)     The text of a proposed amendment of these Bylaws shall be published on the Canton Website, on the Canton Email List, and in the Canton Newsletter (if available) two (2) months before voting, defined as two regular business meetings before the business meeting in which the vote occurs, and will be reviewed at both Canton Business Meetings between the time of publication and the business meeting at which the vote occurs. Any Paid Member of the Populace may submit an amendment.  Amendments must be passed by a majority in a Formal Vote in order to be accepted. Written absentee ballots will be honored.