New officers announced!

Congratulations to Baroness Ysmay de Lynn and THL Violet Coleson who have stepped up to serve as Seneschal and Exchequer respectively. The Canton would like to thank THL Muin maqq Minain for his service as Seneschal and Michelle for her service as Exchequer (…and both, again, for stepping up to the […]

Monday A&S schedule posted

Posting on behalf of Lord Martyn, from Facebook: #‎MedievalMonday‬‘s in March have a *schedule*! I know, I’m kind of weirded out by this conformist calendrical concept, too, but schedules are all the rage! 3/7 – Enameling workshop (using pre-etched brass) with Martyn 3/14 – Road Trip to Caer Adamant (pattern […]

1/12 – Canton Business Meeting Minutes

Seneschal The Canton still exists and the cold, creepy long fingers of winter have finally caught up with us.  Since the 15th of the month, all EOY and quarterly reports are done.   Exchequer According to Bhakail’s exchequer, we are ~$1900 in the black.  We are also going to be […]

Minutes from the December business meeting

Officer Reports: * Seneschal – We still have a canton despite attempted incursions by the Welsh. * Exchequer – Ysmay is warranted.  Plans to evaluate whether we are breaking even while renting the big room to support fighter practice. * Minister of Arts and Sciences – Thursday night garb workshops […]

Minutes from the October business meeting

Meeting opened 7:30-ish Waaaauuuugh Bhakail! Officer Reports: Seneschal – The Honorable Lord Muin maqq Menain Quarterly report filed. We have a new Emergency Deputy Seneschal, Master Rowen Cloteworthy. Exchequer – Baroness Ysmay de Lynn We have money. Will warrant with Regional and Kingdom Exchequer. Will get on the signature card […]

This weekend – Noisemakers X!

The Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust is once more hosting Noisemakers – the tenth of its name – in the Canton, at the St. Kevin School in the Canton: http://www.eastkingdom.org/EventDetails.php?eid=2753 Expect to see lots of classes, join in on or just experience the Baronial Bardic Championship, partake of a wondrous dayboard and […]

Upcoming office changes

Greetings! Lady Zhelana has stepped down as Seneschal of the Canton.  Her deputy, Lord Breuse, will be taking care of the next business meeting – October 14th – and standing in as Seneschal for the interim.